This free webinar highlights a set of “Motor System Energy Management Best Practices." Hosted by Gilbert McCoy, Energy Systems Engineer with the Washington State University Energy Program The instructor will discuss: • Motor and system efficiency • Efficiency regulations • Motor and system losses, and • Motor efficiency classes

The webinar will also cover: • Motor survey techniques • Identification of savings opportunities, and • Repair/replace decision-making

The steps and information requirements necessary for comprehensive motor management planning will be addressed along with: • Motor tagging • Allowable motor starts per hour, and • Misconceptions regarding oversized and underloaded motor performance.

Attendees will be exposed to the concept of “coverage charts” for spare motors.

System improvements to be covered include: • Efficient belt and gear selection • Matching equipment to load requirements, and • Energy savings and operational benefits associated with the use of adjustable speed drives (ASDs)

The instructor will also highlight load profiles that lead to superior ASD applications. Advanced “Super Premium” efficiency motors will be briefly discussed, and participants will be referred to sources of additional information.

Planning efforts will result in the development of a motor improvement “Action Plan."

John Heffernan
over 1 year agoAugust 27, 2018
Just finished listening to the 1 hour webinar(8/27/2018).  It was a very clear and well paced webinar.  Thanks.
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